Today we celebrate the women that have raised us and tolerates all of our nonsense, Happy Mother's Day to our Mom's.

I know there is no way I could be a Mom, because I know I would have disowned me a long time ago. That's why Mom's are the best they put up with all of our nonsense and still fix our suppers and all that.

I want to describe this picture of Mom and I, I ordered a great book entitled True Norwegian Black Metal which goes underground in the Norwegian Black Metal scene and documents the scene with over 200 photo's. Now my Mom doesn't not like any kind of "ugly" images so when I told her to stand there I'll get her present and showed her the book she wasn't very happy and this is one of my favorite pictures just showing what my Mom has to put up with!


I hope all the Mom's out there have a great day and remember that we love you!

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