There's a small group out there that just can't handle something they don't like being popular.  I'm talking to the point of spamming web pages, losing friends and generally making jackasses out of themselves.   Now, we're all a little bit guilty, but some people take it to a ridiculous level. More after the jump.


Let's look at a way, we ourselves are guilty.  On the morning show we know we ribbed people a little bit about going to Bon Jovi.  That's pretty much where it stopped though.  We didn't go to people's web pages and slam them for liking the band, we didn't write 'you suck' on the Bon Jovi Facebook, we just kept it at a little good natured ribbing.

I also posted what I though was a clever post about Pierce the Veil.  I said that their music sounded like it should be playing in the background of a Scooby Doo cartoon while the Mystery Machine is traveling out of control because an old man in a ghost costume cut the brake lines.  Notice, I never said it was BAD. In fact, after that sentence I posted "you decide if that's a good or bad thing".  Personally it kind of sounds like a high spirited fun thing to me.  It was just a fun way of describing the band.  It would be like saying Rush sounds like music that should play in the background of Warcraft when an elf kills a troll.

Not long ago we had the rare opportunity to promote three shows in one night.  We didn't think it was a competition, after all how could it be, we were promoting all three.  As far as we're concerned, our listeners won three times over.  If you want to look at it as 'my scene versus your scene' you need to go back and finish sixth grade.  Guess what, if we judge who has the best 'scene' by ticket sales, then Justin Bieber wins, because he sells more tickets than anything else.   All that matters is that YOU had a good time at your show, and the other guys had good times at their shows.

We're hoping that people will come into the FMX Big Purple Party with a good attitude.  You young metal heads ought to check out Tesla (because I PROMISE you, the young metal bands that you love on the bill will).  You Bush fans should open your ears to Hollywood Undead.  Powerman 5000 always seems to be a treat for everybody.  New bands like "Beware of Darkness" may open you up to a cool new Jet/Wolfmother type sound.   It should just be a great day for all types of music and why you wouldn't approach it all with a smile is beyond me.