I opted out of any super crazy New Year's Resolutions this year, likely because I usually beat myself up over not being able to keep them, and then ultimately do the exact opposite of what I was trying for.

This year, I decided to go easy on myself after such a crazy 2020, and make my goal for the year to just be happy and try ever so slightly harder at the things I was already doing. Not a bad goal.

We also decided on The RockShow that we were really tired of diarrhea and that we would be opting out of that for the New Year. I don't know about Wes, but I've already broken that resolution. Taco Bell is delicious and it was worth it.

We are just a few days into the second month of 2021, and if you have broken the silly promises you made to yourself drunk on December 31st, don't panic, and don't beat yourself up for not being closer to that six-pack or tighter butt. You aren't alone and it's never too late to start your year over. In fact, when I'm having a crappy day, I sometimes start my entire day over, no matter what time it is. Who cares. Just be happy.

We have many great things to look forward to this year, so don't write it off as a bad one before it's really begun. You never know what might happen tomorrow. You might win a million bucks. You might crap yourself at Walmart. Whatever it may be, keep on keeping on, and screw the resolutions. Just be happy.

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