So I have this friend we'll call Tabbie. She has been a friend of mine, and The RockShow, for a long time now and she is a wonderful woman. But she feels incomplete and I, along with some of her other friends, want to help make her feel whole.

OK so this is actually just a joke put up by one of her friends.

But what if maybe, just maybe, we as a community come together and help one dear soul have the bestest holiday season ever? What if we surprise her with what she dreams of every night before she goes to sleep, and wishes for every morning when she brushes her teeth, usually on the way to work? So take a minute to come together as a community and share the love and silicon, or saline, or bacon grease, or whatever they're using these days, and make a little girls lifelong dreams of tig ol' bitties finally a reality!

Do this because bewbs are kewl!

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