A British survey conducted by The Mirror asked women how they feel about their breasts, finding that about 30 percent of women are unhappy with their sweater puppies, while fewer than 10 percent of those surveyed admitted to loving their breasts.

The survey also listed women's top complaints about their breasts. The top ten complaints were:

10. Scarring
9. Stretch marks
8. Changes after pregnancy
7. Large nipples
6. Too much space between breasts
5. Breasts pointing in different directions
4. Lopsided breasts
3. Too small
2. Too large
1. Not perky enough

The survey also asked women the most interesting compliment they had received about their breasts, and some of the gem answers included, "They're squishy," "they're juicy," "They look good for your age," "I love your boobs, as you take off your bra, they just stay there."

See the full survey on The Mirror. 

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