Lubbock has a pet problem. We have far too many dogs and cats waiting too long for a home to take them in, and every day I log into social media I see people trying to find homes for strays. This is an incredibly preventable problem- we need to spay and neuter animals so we no longer have too many pets to care for.

But spaying and neutering can be an expensive procedure, potentially costing owners hundreds in vet expenses depending on the size and sex of the animal. In Lubbock, P.E.T.S Clinic offers low-cost spay and neuters but has a wait list as their services are very in demand. P.E.T.S. is tremendously helpful and friendly and I do recommend utilizing their services if you can.

There is a third option available soon for area pet owners- free spay/ neuter vouchers made available by the City of Lubbock. Here's how to get one. 

Photo by Yan Laurichesse on Unsplash
Photo by Yan Laurichesse on Unsplash

To receive a voucher, you will need to attend the voucher giveaway on Thursday, November 30th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The first 100 people will get a voucher, which will be good for one animal, dog or cat, male of female. Here are a few more important details:

The vouchers will be redeemable for 60 days only at Live Oak Animal Hospital South. There will be only one voucher available per household and to qualify for the voucher your animal must be present with you, have proof of a current rabies vaccine, proof of City of Lubbock residency, and microchipped. If your animal is not currently microchipped, LAS will do it free of charge when getting the voucher.

That's it! Pretty easy, and if your animal needs a rabies shot, you've got time to get that handled. Rabies vaccines are available for $10- $15 at P.E.T.S. Clinic, or call your vet for pricing.

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