Right now the debate on social media is whether women would rather run into a bear or a man they didn't know in the woods.


The Texas Quandary

I'm hoping all the Texans that you'd run into in the woods (perhaps in East Texas?) would be total gentlemen. I'm sure they'd be kindly and show a lady how she could escape the woods if she was lost. They might even be kind enough to share a dip of snuff with them before the go.  A more realistic and very possible encounter in the Texas woods might be a bear or a feral hog.

The Animals

Here's the man thing to consider, Texas Black Bears run about 300 pounds, feral hogs can go 400 pounds or more.  One would think that just the weight difference would be enough for you to choose the bear, but let's look at some other factors. With a bear you have sharp teeth and sharp claws. Not to be outdone, feral hogs have strong, grinding teeth and some are also equipped with tusks.

More Stats

A black bear can run about 30 miles an hour. Feral hogs also top out at 30 miles an hour. So far the fastest any human has been clocked running is 27 1/2 miles an hour. Guess what? You just loss a race to either animal.  Now let's look at sheer numbers. There are about 2.6 million feral hogs in Texas, meanwhile there's about 150 to 200 (you did not read that wrong) in the state. So chances are much higher you'll be dealing with a hog.

A Circular Argument

So, now the real question is obvious, would your rather run into a strange man or a feral hog in the Texas forest? I'll let you ladies decide, but I feel like you can reason with most men, while feral hogs seem just plain crazy.

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