Now, don't worry, I've heard nothing about Lubbock's mall having any problems. What I want to address is a future for the South Plains Mall and other malls.

It's no secret that they have all lost a lot of big cornerstone stores. While I think it would be normal to have a lot of change, it seems to have to have been a little severe over the last couple of years.

The problem with malls is they were/are such an 80s thing. They're what we thought shopping would be like in the future. Now that the future is here, just a little bit of bloom is off the rose. This is the point where I reveal another Wes Nessman million-dollar idea that's free to you.

Here's the idea: South Plains Mall should open a "Liquor Court" or "Club Court." Yes, that's right. Let's wrangle up about four or five adjacent storefronts and open various theme bars or clubs there. You could walk from the dance club to the karaoke club, past the club that plays country to the rock bar, and so on. One ticket, all the clubs, the way that Graham Central Station laid it down back in the day.

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This idea very much has a basis in reality. The RockShow spent a little time talking about Chelsea Street Pub in the mall and how much fun it was. Heck, maybe we could even relaunch the name and it could be the cornerstone club for the project.

So, you're already bought into this great idea, so how do we make it better? With "Sauced Shopping Nights." Yes, every once in a while the clubs would include a special shopping night at some of the other mall retailers.

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