Talk about two iconic things that appear to have nothing in common.

Texas Country Reporter is one of those t.v. mainstays. If you haven't seen it then you probably don't have a t.v. The show is hosted by Bob Phillips and features a folksy look at people and things around the Lone Star State. Well, that show has a producer by the name of Brian Hawkins and this is where stuff gets interesting.

Brian Hawkins helped flip KLBK FM over to KFMX in 1981 and even more interestingly, he designed the original FMX scratch logo. That logo was insanely iconic back in the day and was stuck and/or painted everywhere from notebooks to freeway overpasses. It was originally printed on a trapezoid sticker to play off the shape of the then-new Pyramid Plaza.

The logo was also used on the FMX RockCards, and early, early incarnation of the discount cards that are used everywhere today.

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