The holidays are here again! If you're looking for the perfect gift for a loved one there are plenty of amazing local businesses to support before you resort to giving the world's worst Christmas gift...a puppy or a kitten.

"But Chrissy, they are so cute! My girlfriend loves dogs and cats! She's always wanted one! It won't be a big deal!"

UGH. Just stop.

Your girlfriend also lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her 3 kids. When you give someone a pet, you are giving them a lifelong commitment and a ton of extra responsibilities.

It never fails. A few months after Christmas, Facebook is flooded with people trying to give away puppies and kittens. Putting someone on the spot and giving them an animal is honestly really messed up. They don't want to disappoint you and tell you that they don't want or need it, so they care for it for a few weeks and then look for someone else to pawn it off on.

Plus, how many people have you seen online crying about their puppy dying from parvo and asking for you to help pay its medical bills? This can be easily prevented by getting a dog all of the proper shots. If someone can't afford to get their pet medical attention, they cannot afford to have a pet. Period. Pets are not Christmas toys. Pets are family.

So listen, if you just HAVE to give someone an animal for Christmas, the least you can do is verify that they can ACTUALLY care for a pet, take it to be spayed or neutered, and get all of its shots. That's better than nothing, but I still think you kind of suck for even thinking about giving someone a pet in the first place.


Now, if you LOVE puppies and kitties as much as I do, please come out to Chrissy and Wes's Comedy Christmas For The Kitties and K-9s on December 2nd at Jakes Backroom. You can buy tickets here. The proceeds of our event go to local animal shelters. Sadly, those places are about to be packed with unwanted furry friends after Christmas.

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