Nearly every one of us has been walked in on while using the restroom, or while changing clothes, or even during something much more private, at least once in our lives. It's just part of the human experience.

One morning in high school, my mom decided to walk into my room unannounced while I was getting ready for school, but it wasn't JUST my mom. It was my mom and four foreign exchange students that I had never met. She just had to introduce me to them all, right then, while I had zero pants on. I was mortified.

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The RockShow asked FMX listeners to share with us their own stories of misfortune and here are our favorites:

"I got pretty drunk after playing at the Hotel Turkey one night. They offer you a free room and meal when you play out there. Usually, I would drive home after a gig out there but I had too many and the room was free so I stayed all night. They hooked me up with an awesome room with this big ass bathtub and drunk me thought, ‘hey, I’m gonna take a drunk bath tonight.’ So I did. Drunk bath was awesome but I started to pass out in the tub but still had enough wits to get up and crawl into the bed (nobody wants to wake up in cold bathtub water). As I was making my way to the bed I thought, ‘I’m just gonna sleep naked tonight. I’m a grown man, I can do what I want.’ Set my alarm for 8 am and passed out. At 10 am my alarm is going off super loud and the door to my room was wide open.  I’m not sure how many hunters and tourist saw me completely naked, splayed out across the bed (didn’t get under the covers) that morning with my alarm blaring on my phone for two hours. I hope none of them, but as my room was right in front of the staircase it was most likely all of them." - Ronnie Eaton

"My mom caught me jerking once when I was 14. We both were shocked and couldn’t move. She looked like I had just killed a puppy and I felt like the worst person in the world. This was back in the day of magazines so it was laid out in front of me and I was doing this weird two-hand thing I taught myself. I now even living alone make sure that I am properly barricaded before I take to loving myself." - Jme Brock

"I was a mom of a couple of weeks old baby. Naturally, I was sleep-deprived and ordered a pizza. When the pizza arrived I went to the door with baby in hand nursing and topless. The pizza man was bright red with embarrassment and suggested that I might want to put a shirt on. Lol. I joked and said I guess that was your tip then promptly gave him a nice tip in embarrassment and closed the door." - Melanie Chaffin

"One day after a shower I was strolling from the bathroom to the bedroom and had to walk through the living room. I thought I heard a car outside and looked out the window. As I did, I accidentally knocked the curtains down. Just then my then wife's brother and sister-in-law strolled up to the porch carrying a microwave and the windows were huge so there was nowhere to hide." - Jeremiah Cannibal 

"I worked at a very busy high-end restaurant. It was a Saturday and we were slammed. I had been holding my pee for like 2 hours so I ran to the employee bathroom and just shoved the door closed without locking it. I peed and was standing up to pull up my pants. They were still around my knees at that point. The bartender opened the door, saw my girlie bits, and shut the door quickly. From then until I quit working there, the bartender never looked me in the eye again. Also, he made me doubles every time and would not take money that was for our employee discount. I drank doubles for free every night while waiting on my ride. He was way more embarrassed than I was. I thought it was hilarious." - Kimmi Ramone

"I had just got home from work and a friend of mine was sitting on the couch. I started talking to him as I was taking off my uniform thinking to myself, "I really need a shower". So, not paying much mind, I continued getting undressed then he went silent and a total look of shock came over his face then it dawned on me I was standing there completely naked with one leg perched on the couch. We both had a good laugh." - A.J. Burkett

"I had just gotten out of the shower when I realized there were no towels in the bathroom. Knowing I was home alone, I decided to walk to my bedroom naked. I had to pass by the front door which was completely glass. As I walked by I looked at the door and saw a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses just about to knock on the door holding their little pamphlets. The only thing I could think to do was wave at them. They left pretty quickly." - Nicole McKinnon

If you didn't get a chance to tell us your embarrassing story of getting caught indisposed, please do! You can comment below or on our Facebook page. 

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