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They're wild in the streets in the Land of Enchantment.

Apparently, things got wild back in June in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so now federal troops are on the way to 'help out.' At least one resident has taken to documenting this madness.

I guess the city has a high crime rate and a Democratic mayor, which now qualifies you for some (pre-election) intervention. Hey, as long as the guys are cool, then why not? Somebody has to fill those empty hotel rooms.

What's bothersome about this, other than having paramilitary folks invade your town, is what happens after they leave. Do the remaining criminals just shout "all clear" and get back to their dirty business? My concern would be that this is just a quick stop-gap measure that'll have no last effects other than to antagonize the locals.

All I really got out of this video is not a need for troops, but that there's at least one funny guy in town and it looks like a place I'd like to visit sometime. It looks...yeah, kind of charming. There's even a guy sweeping up the street, which sure as hell doesn't happen in Lubbock.

I'm going to give this guy a pass on the misspelled subtitles, because at least he can spell Albuquerque (this is now the third time I've typed it and it still hurts my brain).

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