Can you handle hot...or A LOT regarding pizza and wings? Depending on your preference, the perfect eating competition may happen for you this weekend. Or be a total boss and try for both!

The Death By Pizza challenge is Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Westside Pizza (6616 Milwaukee Ave # 800). If you can eat an 18" pizza with 10 toppings in an hour you can win big. I believe only one person has down it in Lubbock so far. I witnessed the last competition: two people tapped out, two people "lost it" and one guy, who has my undying respect, ate until the clock ran out but didn't quite finish the pizza. Contestants can stand but may not leave their table during the competition and they cannot leave or substitute any of the toppings.

If you'd like to participate, register at Westside Pizza before Friday. Westside Pizza offers fresh pizza with never-frozen ingredients and delivers to a large area here in Lubbock. You are also welcome to spectate. Chrissy with The Rockshow will be there with some FMX goodies as well.


The Hotter Than Hell challenge will be held at The Wing Shack (5412 Slide Rd Suite 100) on Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. Contestants must completely eat a dozen extremely spicy wings in the time limit and "sit with the sauce" after in order to win. Contestants cannot leave the table and cannot drink anything during the challenge. NO ONE has managed to beat this competition yet- so you could be the very first champion. Contestants must register and sign a waiver any time before the competition on Saturday.

You are also welcome to spectate this event. I will be there happily chomping on my mild boneless because I'm a baby and I know it. The Wingshack makes cooked-to-order large and juicy wings- both bone-in, bone-out, and even chicken tenders. I'll be there with some FMX goodies to pass along as well.

Lubbock these are your chances to make food competition history here in Lubbock. Good luck!

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