Going through a cruddy breakup in Lubbock? Spending hours Facebook stalking your ex and crying in the bathtub? Feeling like you'll probably always just live alone with your cats, surrounded by empty takeout boxes?

Image by Public Affairs from Pixabay
Image by Public Affairs from Pixabay

It's time to cheer yourself the eff up and move on!

Let them go and quit messaging them sad emojis. They totally suck, and that's a bummer because you are friggin' awesome. You don't need them. They can kick rocks, dude.

Here are a few suggestions for things to do in Lubbock that are WAY more enjoyable than scrolling through sad photos, sniffing the sweatshirt they left in your car, and drinking wine in bed in the jammies you've been wearing for 3 days. Trust me.

10 Things To Do In Lubbock That Are Better Than Texting Your Ex

I've got a few ideas that might help soothe your broken heart.

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