This post is only for people with very strong stomachs. Tread lightly if you wish to move forward.

I guess it's human nature to try to take two good things and try to combine them into one great thing. For example, when you put peanut butter (filling) into chocolate, you get the absolutely amazing "Reese's Peanut Butter Cups". On a simpler note, you could take Fritos (which are already perfect) and add chili-cheese flavoring for "Chili-Cheese Fritos" which are also amazing.

This type of thing also has a HUGE failure rate. Yesterday I heard about a "Big Dill Pizza" that has pickles and ranch on it that sounds completely vile to me. Then there are things like "Dr. Pepper Peeps" where you put a good product on a bad one to try to make it better.

There is also a third category here and that's the stuff that's "not bad, but why, and would you ever bother with it a second time" which is where I would classify things like ice cream with cereal in it, chocolate-covered bacon, and so on.

So I was traversing the isles of one of my favorite stores that has many odd and discontinued items when I came upon a horror:


That's right, not one but TWO attempts at mixing cheese and caramel with popcorn (this world is sick!).

Now before we move along let me tell you that I'm in the middle of a recent love affair with Cheetos and Cheeze Balls. I never like them my entire life until about six months ago, now I can't shove them in my mouth fast enough. Caramel (today is National Caramel Day by the way) is also one of my favorites whether it's a filling or just wrapped on its own. My love for these two things is why it pains me so much to see this unholy union on store shelves. This is/was not a good idea and I certainly hope they find some way to atone for their sins. Caramel and cheese DO NOT go together. Just stop it.

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