I couldn't help but mention this today...

A local woman hilariously mistook a ditched sex doll on the highway for a dead body, prompting a call to the authorities and a visit from the police. The videos of the funny encounter are currently sweeping the internet, and they are an absolute riot, y'all.

I've been cackling in my office all morning, and if you haven't come across them yet, it was only a matter of time. You're welcome.

Thank goodness it wasn't a real body! Now, we are left with even more questions...

My best guess is that the naughty doll on the side of the road was either a prank OR maybe someone's wife came home at the wrong time, prompting a quick dump of the evidence. Who really knows how it ended up there? I mean...

I guess someone knows, and I imagine they are probably getting a kick out of it right now. Either that or worrying about the possibility of a DNA swab...

I'm pretty sure our local authorities have better things to do than try to get to the bottom of...this...uh...bottom-up silicone dream girl.

Austin Martin told FMX about the encounter:
"Haha, well I was on the phone with her while she was driving down the road and she told me she thought she saw a dead body. I told her I was coming and to call 911. We got closer to it before the officers showed up and realized it was a sex doll. My mom called 911 back to tell them it wasn’t an emergency and the 911 operator was hysterical. When the officer got there he was laughing so hard and another officer showed up. They ended up taking it and joked about putting it on another officer's desk, lol."

Watch the locally viral videos below, and try not to spit out your coffee.

To be fair, I would have called it in too! I don't think I'd have to guts to get close enough to investigate it on my own. No, thank you. Things could have been so much worse! Lordy!

This definitely made my day, and I hope you enjoyed it too. Stay safe out there, guys. West Texas be wildin'!

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