I witnessed something this past Wednesday that I couldn't believe.

It was almost like a sign in a futuristic movie. People, some with their families, were walking side-by-side next to a giant robot as if nothing was going on. There was no fear, no intimidation, and really no concern at all. As for myself, I saw the machine and went this, this right here,  is where it actually starts.

Let me also spill the beans and say, this is not a goofy Halloween prop either, but a real potential threat. It was an actual piece of technology. No, when I say giant killer robot, you're probably imagining something like this:

Image by Evgen from Pixabay
Image by Evgen from Pixabay

It would almost be fine if it was something like that because at least you'd know what was coming. You'd say, "That looks like a dang ol giant killer robot" (in Boomhauers voice of course). The reality is the thing I'm talking about is much more mundane. Have a look at this and get back with me.

We've all seen guys driving something like this around. Heck, this one even has a steering wheel, so the first thing that goes through your mind is "Is it a runaway?" or "Did someone fall off of that?". The answer is "Nope!" I don't know how long these things have been able to self-pilot.

The craziest thing was that it was now being used while crowds were in the store. My guess is they're testing it or something because I don't know why you'd need it going constantly during business hours.

It's bad enough that these things look weigh a few thousand pounds.  We also have to hope that these things don't figure out how to stop by the cutlery section and go stab crazy on the patrons.  These things creep me out for sure!

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