I'm not going to tell you not to rush the field; you do you.

Rushing the field at Jones AT&T Stadium is obviously a thing.

It obviously doesn't even matter if we get fined rushing the field.  After at least two player/spectator confrontations at the Tech/Texas game, someone is going to look at the insurance liability at the very least and put a stop to it.

Let's start by saying that I think I do understand why it happens.

The crowd is baited over and over to show their school spirit and yell for their team and I truly believe that Tech does need that extra oomph to rise up a little bit. It's actually awesome that our crowd is so passionate about our team. The problem is after you bring water to a boil, it stays hot for a long time.

This is where we look at another situation.

We were at a concert a couple of weeks ago. The bands all tapped into our passion and did everything they could to whip us into a frenzy and every time we took it up a notch it seemed like the bands took it up a notch. They truly had us believing we were the best fans anywhere and they knocked out an amazing encore in our honor. They finally finished and not one of us rushed the stage.

You can say "but football is different," but it kind of isn't.

Once again, you do whatever you feel is right as long as you can. I don't feel like most real champions jump up and down saying, "we won, we won" until the actual championship is under their belts, but you paid for your ticket, go ahead and have your fun.

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