Next Saturday July 2, 2011 Jackyl hits Lubbock at the all new Wrecker's in the Depot District for the Red, White, and Blue Ball for Driver's birthday. That's only 8 days away! Time to get serious about the habits and appearances of a jackal.

In general when speaking of a jackal people are talking about a small or medium sized animal that looks like a dog. But did you know there are only 3 main species of jackals?

Check it out there is the black-backed jackal, the side striped jackal and the golden jackal. With the first two being more like cousins, the golden jackal is less closely related to the black back and side striped jackals, but are more closely related to wolves, dogs and coyotes.

Hmmmm, cousins huh?

While we all chew on this check out the video of Jeff, Chris and the Jackyl boys.

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