I can tolerate may things, but the idea that someone would put grapes in chicken salad is not one.

I understand that there used to be a time when food was much more scarce.  During these times people had to combine whatever ingredients they had to both try to make their food stretch. Taste really isn't an issue when you're really hungry. This is where dishes like "possum and tree bark stew" and "half potato stuffed with gravel"  came from.

While no one can track the awfulness that is chicken salad with grapes to its origin, a safe bet would be a war criminal of some sort. This is like a food they experimented on prisoners with. I think they should be hunted down and prosecuted. "Just doing what they were told" is NOT an excuse.

I've live other horrors myself too my friends. I've been subjected to chicken salad with raisins (which are grapes that have just lost their will to live) and nuts (which while a step about tree bark, still don't belong in chicken salad.

Chicken salad should be chicken with just enough dressing for you to choke it down. Sure, some people add onions or celery, but they should be kept at a level where they are seasoning and not competing in your mouth with the chicken for dominance.

So, I don't know who these "Marketside" folks are, but they need to stop their evil experiment and get right with God. Chicken salad with grapes should not happen in a polite society.

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