How could something so innocent become so controversial, and commercial?

The last time I bought any lemonade on Lemonade Day, I bought about 30 cuts for a work crew, so I'm a little ahead of that "3 cups" thing. That was two years ago before I got burned out on what is now, "Hey My Kid Got Me A Free Food Permit Day".

It's no longer one or two kids sitting behind a table or little booth. Now it's an entire family under a tent, with a smoker and a full array of snacks. One booth I went by had Slim Jim's, boxes of candy bars, chips and more like they were operating their own miniature 7-11.

Let's go full stop right there though. I have tried to argue more logically over the years, so let's ask ourselves, what is the true point of Lemonade Day?  Well, Lemonade Day was designed to encourage entrepreneurship in kids. So, it is actually achieving its goal on many levels. First off, you have to be flashy if you want to outsell the other guys. Next, you have to upsell your main product in order to maximize profits and lastly, there's allows going to be some jerks coming along trying to get in on your money making idea and/or take a cut of your proceeds.

So, good on you kids that made a buck on Lemonade Day and shame on you parents for taking it over. My money will always go to a couple of kids grinding it out the old fashion way because I'm just not into Junior Is Going To Help Pay The May Rent Day.

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