We are now and always have been Ian Moore fans.

I believe it was our own Mike Driver who took a record executive to the club Steamboat in Austin that helped Ian secure his record deal. At least that's how I heard the story, but I think we all know with all of Ian's talent, he was going to be a star anyways.

We have followed Ian through his blues-tinged initial release through to his current work with the "Lossy Coils". It's hard for us to even believe that baby-faced blues boy just turned 52 years old.  Anyways, enough nostalgia. We are also friends with Ian's brother Cheney who has worked production at probably hundreds of Lubbock shows. Cheney posted this little graphic which got us intrigued:

Cheney Moore

I guess you can see everything you need to see on that graphic. I am unsure if there is an actual charge to log in, or if it is a virtual "tip jar" situation. All I know is that a Saturday night spent with Ian Moore will probably have you feeling fixed upright in no time.

I CAN tell you that the show will be located here, even though the link isn't active as of this writing.


13 Deadly Animals in Texas

13 Deadly Animals in Texas