We've all got that one friend that just can't seem to find a job. They've applied everywhere in town, made a nice resume, and are constantly browsing local listings for jobs in our area. You know they are fully capable of employment, and maybe you've even worked with them in the past and had a good experience. Yet, you're still seeing them post status updates on social media about their endless misfortune on the job hunt...

That might actually be part of the problem.

Whether you realize it or not, social media has become an additional tool for prospective employers to get to know you without actually hiring you. Think about it.

For example, before you meet up with someone for a blind date, you've already searched for their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or however else you can find them online. You've got to make sure they aren't some kind of nut job that might murder you after dinner at Red Lobster. You secretly scope them out online before you go out with them. It's pretty standard.

Your employer is no different and you are totally kidding yourself if you think they aren't looking you up online to see what kind of person you are before they invite you in for an interview. If you are spending a ton of time complaining about the fact that you can't find a job, they might see that and think to themselves "Why would I hire someone that everyone in town has already turned down?"

And, well, why would they?

The internet is a crazy place, and I truly believe that your online presence and persona can really go a long way in helping you achieve your dream job as well as score you that sweet-sweet first date.

Most companies won't go out of their way to fire you for posting stupid memes, saying bad words, or sharing a picture of your bong on the internet, but they might not hire you in the first place if your page is riddled with negative energy and whining. The same thing goes for people who constantly complain about being single. It has an ick factor to it. Ya know?

Just some food for thought.

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