Do you like it hot? Like really, really hot? Then you could win big this Friday, 6 p.m., at The Wing Shack's (5412 Slide Rd Suite 100) Hotter Than Hell VII Challenge.

Out of seven competitions only 2 people have ever bested the challenge. They won a nice prize and the admiration of everyone around them. The best part? It's free to compete. You might want some milk afterward.

If you think you can eat a dozen extremely spicy wings in under six minutes, and then "sit" in the heat afterward, you might be a champion. Just do not, under any circumstance, touch your eyes during or after the competition.


Folks who are interested can go by anytime before the competition and sign the waiver. If you'd rather watch other people suffer, you can spectate along with us. Myself (Renee Raven) of FMX and my buddy Chad Hasty of KFYO will be there from 5-7. I'll have some goodies and giveaways, including a limited number of FMX baseball tees.

The Wing Shack has my favorite wings in town big, fresh-cooked to order, and juicy. There are amazing and unique sauces, too, like my favorite Fireball and delicious Carribean jerk and Buffalo garlic. Mild to wild, they've got a flavor you'll love, whether you like bone-in or boneless. The crinkle-cut fries are fantastic, too.

I should also mention it's BYOB, so you save money on your cold ones, and every adult who dines in can get a free beer during the event!

And one more thing for those who have read this far: starting this Friday, you can get Wing Shack half off when you purchase a voucher from! Now that's a deal that's hotter than hell, too!

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