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Friends mess with friends. You get little to no sympathy, and usually just jokes from your friends.

I dislocated my toe yesterday. The picture is a little graphic, so I'm allowing you a little time to bail out now.

Okay, you're back with me?  Here's a picture of the toe.


So, I took to my Facebook for advice because the emergency clinic didn't open until noon. I simply asked, "Just broke a toe. Who wants to put it back in place for me?"

Here's the kind of answers I got from my friends:

*Just amputate. F@#k it. You still have 9

*I’d be glad to help depending on where and how you broke it and where you’d like me to put it. I don’t do butt stuffs despite my reputation

*Walk it off, it will go back by itself

*I have some vice grips

*I dislocated my index finger like that one time. I couldn't give people proper directions for two months.

*Man up. Do it yourself! Lol

*Just shoot it off. It won’t hurt long. Make a video!!!!!

*Looks like a penis!

Wear steel toes while putting foot to ass...take care brother.

and this enormously creative, funny (if your toe isn't broke) answer:

*Live long and prosper. (If you don't get it, go look at the pic again)



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