Sadly, a young man lost his life after a car chase the other night.

The RockShow consumes enormous amounts of news and information. We have a service that gives us about 60 pages of news highlights each morning, plus we generally hit all the local news sources, USA Today, our own sister station websites and more. We consume a lot to give you just the best highlights in the morning.

One thing we noticed a long time ago, after reading of hundreds and hundreds of car chase stories, is that we have NEVER read a story that ended with "and he/she got away." The offender always gets caught.

I'm sure you can Google up an instance or two, but my guess is you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than getting away in a car chase with authorities.

It's just a heads up. You're not going to get away. You're only going to endanger your life and the lives of others. Just stop and deal with the consequences of your actions before someone gets hurt or dies.

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