I don't know how much more I can add to this conversation, but I feel like I have to on behalf of a friend. There was initially a report of a measles outbreak, then it was said that things were blown out of proportion. Sadly, we shouldn't have to worry about whether this was up when we could worry about all but eliminating the virus.

Reports of a measles outbreak were blown out of proportion due to the CDC. That's okay by me because ANY cases of measles are kind of inexcusable.

It sucks that you're willing to let your kid suffer needlessly, but I've stated that before. The reason I'm writing this again is that I have a friend that has a compromised immune system (I believe the root cause is Lupus), she is now scared to death that she could contract measles and suffer serious consequences. That is what I really wanted to point out. While it may be the cruelest thing ever to say that parents who do not vaccinate will reap what they sow, it's worse that their ill-informed and wrong-headed decisions impact others outside of their families.

There is NO CONNECTION between vaccines and Autism. Millions upon millions upon millions of people who have safely had vaccinations are the proof. Some garbage that someone looked up on the internet is not proof. People walking around healthy is proof. The local anti-vaxxers out there are not scientists or doctors or highly educated people, they're idiots who did not weight the facts.

Vaccinate your kids not just for their benefit, but for the benefit of those who can't be vaccinated.


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