Certainly, Slipknot's "Psychosocial" is something special. For being a heavy rock song, it's also really accessible, and for being dark, it's really quite fun. Thanks to the glory of the internet, there are countless mashups that are silly, hilarious and even oddly impressive.

In honor of Corey Taylor breaking Lubbock's concert dry spell, here are some of my favorite "Psychosocial" mash-ups.

"Psychosocial" vs Actual Guns

It's hard to pick a no. 1 favorite, but as a native-born Texan, this version touches my heart with its sheer badassery.

Favorite YouTube comment: "This is the most American thing I’ve seen in a while."

"Psychosocial" vs Dragon Maid 

I don't know much about the anime Dragon Maid, except that its characters are super popular among cosplayers. This mashup works unsettlingly well.

Favorite YouTube comment: "No single human should have this much power."

"Psychosocial" vs "Old Town Road" 

"Old Town Road" was a huge hit, and this unlikely duo actually works, because Psychosocial actually sounds great with a Trap beat. Who'd've guessed?

Favorite Youtube comment: "I showed this to a horse. He put on eyeliner"

"Psychosocial" vs The Wiggles

This is chef-kiss meme-ry, on par with the Lazy Town/Little Wayne mashup. If you haven't seen that before, you're excused to go check it out and come back.

Favorite YouTube comment: "When you’re having a mental break down but the boys are still in meme mode."

"Psychosocial" vs "Bad Guy"

Love or hate Billie Eilish, her songs feature bleeding-edge production. And the modern production sound just works with "Psychosocial," I suppose because it's as innovative as anything else.

Favorite YouTube comment: "I hate how good this is."

"Psychosocial" vs "Baby"

I apologize in advance for ruining your life with this.

Favorite YouTube comment: "Why does this exist"

"Psychosocial" vs Yet Another Anime Intro

I've never seen this anime, but this mashup is exquisitely hilarious.

Favorite YouTube comment: "I feel bad for the future historians trying to figure out our culture"

"Psychosocial" vs Vitas

This particular example inverts the convention of putting Corey's vocals over a different music bed, here we have Vitas standing in on vocals.

Favorite YouTube comment: "I like Coreys new outfit."

"Psychosocial" vs Everything Else That's Left

I cannot promise that this one won't kill some brain cells, but it is really impressive.

Favorite YouTube comment: "Why does rocket man sound so unironically good"

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