Halloween is so fun that you kind of forget the weird stuff people do.

Let's start with the weirdest, most basic thing people do on Halloween, and that is taking their kids to strangers' houses to beg for candy. I guess it's good we all have a lot of faith in each other as humans, but the origin is even weirder.

Apparently, trick-or-treating started with kids begging for money or food, and if you ponied up some loot, they would pray for you. (Don't tell me Halloween is the Devil's holiday ever again, okay?)

Next up, let's talk about that weird song. As kids, we liked to mix things up a bit and every once in a while we'd break into a full-on song like this:

Trick or treat,
Smell my feet,
Give me something good to eat

You know there's got to be some pervs out there going, 'why yes, I do so love the smell of children's feet, so let's do that!' Yipes!

Can we also add to this list that we're sending children out, after dark, in costumes that make them hard to see? It gets worse. While their vision and mobility are obstructed, we get them hopped up on sugar and present them with multiple opportunities to get another fix. It's insanity, I tell ya.

Let's finish up with this: have you ever wondered where the idea to carve jack-o'-lanterns came from? Notice the "o'" in jack-o'-lanterns? It actually comes from an Irish myth. It's a long story about a guy who tricked the devil and subsequently was forced to carry a hollow turnip with only an ember of coal in it to light his way for eternity. You can read the full story here, but I think you got the bulk of it in that one sentence.

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