Full disclosure: I hadn't had a Crumbl cookie until about a week ago. A friend of ours sent us a box to brighten our day and was entirely successful (thank you Douvon a.k.a "Cookie Baby").

I can see why they are so popular. The cookies are massive- we were cutting them into 1/4ths so we could try each of the four flavors in the box. They were all wildly decadent with fun and unique flavors. I particularly liked the one I was calling "cookie inception" which was a sugar cookie with Oreo frosting and a tiny Oreo on top. I ate more than my allotted quarter, I must confess.

Another friend of mine is a delivery driver. On 4/20 he snapped a picture of Ubers and Favors and Dashers lined up out the door to pick up Crumbl orders. It made me laugh, and it's proof positive that not only could Lubbock accommodate a second location- we really need one, especially on a particular holiday.

And we are getting a second one- located at 11417 Slide. Construction is expected to start in June, with a tentative opening date of August, according to our friends and super sleuths Lubbock In the Loop.  Luckily, you don't have to wait to get your cookie fix.

photo courtesy of crumbl
photo courtesy of crumbl

Our original Crumbl Cookie location is located at 6076 Marsha Sharp Freeway, #450, and is available for pickup, delivery, and curbside. Flavors rotate weekly, so there's always something new and exciting to try. And if you want to make someone's day a little better- I can vouch that it worked on a bunch of DJs, including myself.

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