As soon as I get home from work, I kick my shoes directly off and walk around with bare feet for the rest of the day. It's definitely what dreams are made of. Every once in a while, I offer to pick up a friend or drop someone off somewhere and I'll just hop right into the car without my shoes on.

That got me it illegal to drive around barefoot in Texas?

If you like to cruise around without shoes, you're in luck. There's no law telling Texans we can't drive without our toesies out. Thank goodness! There are several myths out there that say you could get into trouble driving without your shoes on, and all of those are false. In fact, driving without shoes on might even give you better control of your vehicle because you can feel the pedal under your foot better than you would be able to feel it with shoes on.


So basically, we should all just ditch shoes altogether. It could even make Texans better behind the wheel. This entire time, maybe there was a solution for our terrible drivers. Here we were all blaming it on turn signals and whatnot. Drivers are clearly just having a problem with controlling the pedal. 😉

I say we all just quit with the silly shoes forever and let our dogs bark all the time. I feel like walking through the supermarket barefoot would honestly be kind of nice. I wonder how fast before I get stopped by someone. I might just add that to my weekend plans.

What about you? Do you ever drive without shoes on? Ever been in trouble? Comment on our Facebook page.

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