A friend of mine was telling me the other day that he's having the worst time with someone stealing air conditioner parts from his apartment complex. If you haven't noticed, it's blazing hot outside right now, which doesn't make for happy tenants.

Not only are parts going missing, but many of the heating and cooling companies have parts on backorder now that everyone is cranking up their A/C and noticing their units need a fix-up.

Perhaps we have an air conditioner bandit on our hands.

It's so damn hot outside. I would be livid if I woke up to my unit missing key elements that keep it functioning and my house a frosty paradise. I wonder what type of evil person would do such a thing.

I like to imagine a man with 46 air conditioning units hooked up to his house, wearing a winter coat and boots, pointing all the vents directly at himself and laughing maniacally, "They'll be sweaty forever! Mwahahaha!" 

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It's likely nothing as fun like that. It's probably just a thief. A person who's incapable or too lazy to make their own money to buy things for themselves. In my eyes, there isn't a whole lot worse you can do than steal something of great value from someone who worked their ass off to buy it.

Christmastime porch pirates are bad enough stealing toys from under the tree, but stealing A/C parts in the heat of a Lubbock summer? There's a special place in hell for you guys, too.

If you happen to catch someone stealing your air conditioner, or pieces within, make sure you snap a photo. Also, laugh at them. Laugh loudly. Shame them to utter embarrassment. There is no excuse to be acting a fool in this kind of heat, in a town where most people have a gun on them. Dumb.

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