I'm not liking this at all.

The C.D.C. is advising that Trick Or Treating, whether door-to-door or in a trunk or treat manner are "high-risk activities" and should be avoided. Hmmm....

They also put indoor parties and haunted houses on the list and that's where I call bullsh*t.  You can't lump in haunted houses with parties, AT ALL.  I can't speak for all haunted houses but at Nightmare, we will have all actors and guests properly spaced and masked up in addition to other sanitary procedures.

So this got me to thinking about the Trick Or Treating. Everyone seem to be in agreement that this is an airborne virus spread by droplets in the air. So, if a kid is masked up and a person handing out candy is masked up (and washes their hands on a regular basis) then where's the risk?

I am trying to untangle this in my mind and realize I have self-interests here, but it seems like there is a severe over-abundance of caution here. If kids were running around indoors at a party or a haunted house had people screaming back and forth with no masks, then I could see how things could be considered high-risk. Myself, I think there is a proper way to do everything, it's just up to you to do them.

Oh, we're not done. The C.D.C. also wants you to avoid holiday potlucks and to try and stay home for 14 days after attending any gatherings outside of your immediate family. I realize this is what are called "best practices" for avoiding the disease, but giving people too broad guidelines like this is only going to cause confusion in the end.


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