I spent a couple of hours this weekend walking around South Plains Mall. It's a great way to stretch your legs without facing the elements here, and there are quite a few stores I like. I got a beautiful dress from Dillard's, took a deep breath of the awesome scent of Earthbound's incense section, goofed around in FYE and I looked at the movie posters at Premiere Cinemas.

What do most of these places have in common? They are all relatively new in the mall and replaced stores and restaurants that I grew up with. Dillard's is the obvious exception; however, even Dillard's will be changing soon.

There are plenty of stores we want back at the mall, but what about the iconic Texas favorite restaurant- Luby's? Could we bring Luby's back from the dead?


Luby's has been gone so long that I'm not even sure where it was. I think it was where Barnes & Noble now resides. I also really love and am grateful for Barnes and Noble. Anytime I want a brand new book, and I want it in pristine condition, I pick it up locally at B&N. That way I can be assured there are no dings or scuffs like books that come in the mail tend to get. It's also a great entry point for the mall so I can have my coffee drink while I walk around.

Luby's is an iconic Texas brand that originated in San Antonio, Texas in the 1940s. That's some heritage. Luby's slogan is, "Tastes like Texas. Feels Like Home." I have to admit I miss that taste and that feeling. I went to Luby's with my grandparents who are now gone, and with my cousins who have since grown up.

Would it even be the same? Hard to tell. Luby's was bought out last year by an investor out of Chicago. Otherwise, Luby's would have likely failed completely. Perhaps the restructuring that Luby's must have undergone recently could mean that Luby's could succeed in Lubbock once again.

In the meantime, I'm stuck cubing my own green jello.

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