It is ridiculous that we ever have to wait for a vote total.

I am not the same as most people. I did not spend my time watching state by state totals of the recent vote come in. I quickly realized that I'm not going to change a thing and these things aren't going to change me, so I just checked out. I point this out because I don't want you to think I'm a kid waiting by the kitchen counter so he can like the frosting of the knife.

The point is, I am in no hurry, but the fact that you can't vote the same way you pay credit cards, renew your car registration and buy appliances is absolutely insane. We could have instant results, or the results could be tabulated instantly then released whenever necessary. I'd go one further and say that everyone with a Social Security Card (of age) would be automatically enrolled to vote. Sure, you might want to keep this process a bit more challenging, but it's not that challenging now. Dumb people are voting now and dumb people will vote if it's as easy as putting an emoji on Facebook too. Let's straight up say that the dumb need to be represented as well.

The time to get this done is right now. I'm sure this process would benefit one side or another, but probably not enough to make a difference because at this point even the homeless folks have smartphones. You could also go one further and get libraries some foot traffic by allowing voting there.

Imagine the time, money, and frustration we could save by upgrading our voting technology. There would be no more proprietary voting machines, counters, office supplies, or anything..just a software program. It's time.


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