Every year, Mario Day falls on March 10th or MAR-10....get it?

Super silly, but who doesn't love Mario? Exactly. So make sure you celebrate Mario and all of the joy that silly Italian plumber has brought to children and adults around the world since 1981.

Mario's character was first introduced in the arcade game Donkey Kong and was originally called Jumpman. He was later renamed Mario and set alongside his fraternal brother, Luigi, and the two plumbers took on the nasty sewer monsters that crept around below New York City in the arcade game Mario Bros. The rest is history.

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Today I will be celebrating Mario by first playing a crap ton of Super Smash Bros., followed by a marathon of Mario Kart (I'm totally playing every single version of the Rainbow Road course several times...because...duh, it's the best), and then I'm going to follow it with some sweet, sweet Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Those games are insanely fun and I don't go back and play them often enough.

Oh, I almost forgot: The Super Mario Bros Super Show. There are 117 episodes of that old show from 1989 and I used to love to watch it. If you haven't seen it in a while, don't worry. It's just as bad as you remember, but there is something endearing about it. You won't be able to watch just one episode.

Are you celebrating Mario Day today? Leave us a comment on our FMX Facebook page with a photo of you celebrating. You can also learn more great ways to celebrate the day here.

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