Some parents of students at Lubbock High School were made very uncomfortable by the anti-gay protesters that stood at the corner with signs last Monday morning. There have been dozens of photos and videos circulating around the internet since the incident.

The sidewalks in front of schools are public property, and a handful of protesters seem to really enjoy setting up there. I remember several organizations standing in front of Coronado High School when I was a student. It was a very awkward situation for a kid. I was handed various religious texts and pamphlets by strangers who were doing their best to tell me how to feel about one subject or another.

Should more be done to keep them away from children?

I try to think about what it must feel like for a gay student to be subjected to that kind of public degradation. If you watch the video below this article, you can hear a man singing the words "It's not okay to be gay", in a playful manner. It's clear that he is really enjoying ruffling the feathers of everyone around.

A concerned parent, Suzie Shay, snagged a video and sent me a message about how it made her feel to see them standing there when she took her child to school.

"I had just dropped Fin off and was heading home when I drove by those people with blow horns. So, I circled around to video the situation. I noticed two cops along the wall standing by. I had just talked to Fin about how badly I was bullied in school and then I see that stuff. It infuriated me beyond words. Kids experiencing life from the rainbow have a hard enough time just trying to deal, they do not need these people messing with them. It is inviting chaos to the campus where our kids are supposed to be getting an education."

How do you feel about protesters in front of schools? Were you made uncomfortable while dropping off your kids on Monday morning? I certainly believe in a person's right to protest, but the school setting in which this is done feels very wrong. Let me know how you feel in a comment on our KFMX Facebook page.

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