If wrapping someone's house in toilet paper or just egging it isn't enough, there is now a new, creative alternative sweeping TikTok. "Beaning" is apparently the way things work in 2021.

There is an entire TikTok page called The Bean Bandit devoted to beaning, which is essentially dumped a bunch of beans on the porch of someone's house for them to step on as they walk out the door. The pile of beans looks a bit like a pile of crap, which might confuse you as you head out in a rush to work. Also, slippery...

I'm all about silly pranks, and this one is definitely silly, but it's also a huge waste of food. If you think about how many people in the world are starving, it's sad that some of us think it's funny to dump a perfectly good can of beans on the ground and ruin it.

I wish that it would become trendy to mail cans of beans to places where they could be utilized for their actual purpose, by people who truly need food. That would be pretty cool, but I guess that doesn't quite get the same number of hits online, which seems to be the most important thing to many of us.

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I'd like to flip the script and come up with a new fad that actually helped people, that caught on like this silly prank. Any ideas? Comment below if you have been the victim of a bean prank, or if you plan to bean someone in the future. Silly Bean Bandits.

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