There WILL be a national lockdown. It might as well be now.

People are dumb. Some are thoughtless and unempathetic. Until you force them to stay home, they just won't do it. Meanwhile, the amount of Coronavirus cases keeps skyrocketing (and is much higher than you think due to a lack of testing). At some point, enough people will be sick that there will be no choice but to lock the country down. If we do this now, we save lives and every moment we waste will result in people needlessly dying.

Why limp along for the short-term and ignore the facts, the stats, and the infections curves? It makes no sense at all.  We can have a couple of weeks of pain, or we can slowly bleed for months. I am truly concerned about businesses, but even they have to ask what is better, a two-week stoppage or a two-month slowdown?

So what would this look like?  Well, if we do it now we can still allow people to go to the grocery store, the pharmacist and the doctor. We could possibly even allow food delivery. It all depends on how quickly we act. There also needs a plan for emergency situations, as people will still need plumbers and HVAC workers and others.

Right now we're like one of those kids having a mental breakdown over a shot, only to find it that once they've had it, it was not that big of a deal. Let's get this done now.

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