I hate to tell you this, but the stuff outside likes the nice warm inside too.

It took three scorpion stings before we called an exterminator. Then I found out the problem was worse than I imagined....

It's amazing, but as Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park "Life finds a way". You may think your house is sealed up but chances are it's not. Then there are the things that come in on you and your pets. I'm guessing I somehow carried scorpions inside my house from a construction job I was working on, that's kind of why I underestimated the problem.

This past summer I got the worst scorpion bite of all (it was my third). I was stung on the side of my pinky finger. For three days I could not feel that finger at all. It was usable and the muscles responded to commands but it felt "dead".  This was from a scorpion bite from a rock garden in the front yard. That kind of made it clear that these things are everywhere.

So I cleaned out a seldom used closet the other day and found at least a half dozen scorpion husks/skeletons. That's just that one closet. I was hoping that the exterminator knocked them all out, but remember, they have to be in the house to get exterminated if they come in after they're just going to get sick and pissed. Two days later I say the biggest scorpion (of the variety we get around here) crawling across my bathroom floor.

So let this just be a reminder; scorpions, mice and a lot of bugs are using this time to set up in your house before the winter. Watch those dark corners of your house and call an exterminator if you can.

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