Why on earth would anyone consider keeping paper towels in their refrigerator in their Dallas, Texas kitchens?

I mean, this sounds like something one would do on accident. Well, it more certainly sounds like something I would do. I can't tell you how many times I've absent-mindedly put something in the refrigerator that didn't necessarily belong there in my Tyler, Texas area home.

If I'm honest, I tend to have more of a problem leaving stuff that SHOULD be in the fridge elsewhere. And then I won't discover what I've done until the next day and the brand new parmesan cheese I bought at the store has to be thrown away. Ah, being human is the best.

Experts say keeping paper towels in the fridge can have a very practically helpful function.

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So, Readers' Digest shared a story about why Texas people should consider doing such an initially crazy-sounding thing. OK, so what's the deal?

According to the story, when you keep paper towels in your fridge, they can help keep your fresh fruits and veggies...well, FRESH!

There's nothing sadder than spending time and money to pick out the perfect eggplant or whatever at your local farmers' market and finding that when it's time to finally use it...alas, it's already started to rot.

That would only be worse if you've painstakingly invested the time to cultivate your vegetables in a home garden.

How do we make this work? 

So, just line your produce drawers with paper towels before storing your fruits and veggies in the drawers. And then, next time you get back from your garden or store with a new batch, replace the paper towels and BOOM, fresher veggies.

OK, but HOW does it work?

According to the story shared by Readers' Digest, the short story of how and why this works is because the paper towels absorb moisture and keep your produce drier. Drier veggies tend to stay fresh longer.

Pro-tip? As aforementioned, MAKE SURE you replace the paper towels with every new batch to make the 'magic' keep working.

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