It is starting to feel like spring in Lubbock, and the city is starting to bloom. While native plants have a knack for coming out of dormancy without any help, not every plant is the same.

If you have a variety of non-native plants in your yard, they might need a little extra help to wake up this spring. Just because the cold is gone and the sun is shining, doesn’t always mean your plants will thrive without a little tender love and care.

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Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can take to get your plants out of dormancy and blooming for another year.

Keep in mind that these tips only work for perennial plants and not annual varieties. Annuals only last for one year and then die in the winter while perennials will go dormant in the winter and bloom again for years to come.

Keep scrolling to see how you can revive your dormant perennial plants this spring.

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The first step when looking to bring your plants out of dormancy this spring is to check if they are still alive. If you haven’t noticed any new growth on your plant, a simple way to check if it is still alive is with a scratch check. When you scratch the branch or stem of the plant it will either reveal damp, green, tissue, showing that it is alive, or it will be brittle and dry, meaning it is dead.

Once you know your plant is still alive you can start caring for the plant as normal, but only after the risk for frost in your area is gone. If you have a dormant plant that has been inside through the winter, this means you can start by placing it by a window and watering it inside until the weather is no longer freezing. Otherwise, you’ll want to wait to water the outdoor plants until the weather warms up.

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