2024 is here and that means lots of new things are on the horizon for the Hub City but not all are great. One thing hitting Lubbock is the permanent closure of one of the Kingsgate Shopping Center's most beloved stores.

J. Roberts Clothing has been a staple for many women on the South Plains for the past 10 years that have wanted to add a little, or a lot, of glam to their look. It was announced via Instagram on January 3, 2024 that J. Roberts Clothing would no longer be at the Kingsgate Shopping Center. In that same post a lot of people were shocked to find out that this beloved boutique was actually no longer going to be in Lubbock at all and would only have one location.

Unfortunately that last J. Roberts Clothing location will not be in Lubbock or even Texas but will be in Ruidoso, New Mexico. So it will be a bit of a road trip to get that J. Roberts Clothing boutique fix but if you are a loyal customer, like many of my friends, then it will be worth the trek to New Mexico.

Do not worry because while we have lost a beloved store in the Kingsgate Shopping Center we are also seeing many new stores move in as well. Many are excited for those new stores, such as the Sephora store, to move in to the Kingsgate Shopping Center but what other businesses would you like to see take up residence in this location? Let us know in the comments.

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