I don't think this is going to work out the way they want it to.

A Texas bill is opening the door to school districts requiring a period of time to read the bible or other religious texts and/or pray. Okay, now let's crack this nut!

The problem with the people pushing this kind of thing is, they don't realize how well the other side is at taking advantage of the framework presented. For instance, you know what the Satanic bible is, right? It's a religious text. As a matter of fact, can I declare music is my religion and just read lyrics all day? Yes, again the problem is that when you open this door, everyone comes through.

So what about reading the bible in school? I'm non-religious, but it doesn't bother me. The quickest way to create an atheist is to have someone read the bible. Trust me, when a savvy kid reads the bible, they don't think "Wow, God talked to that guy through a bush", they think, "Wow, that dude was trippin' balls!".

Still, I apologize if I offended anyone with the truth there. The problem again lies in people trying to push some kind of agenda through schools. Schools should be like the state, with a complete separation of the church (ANY church). I don't think teachers have enough time to get the basics taught without having to babysit during a religious-based reading period.

This will fracture people into two groups, one group thinks that religion is sorely needed in school and the other thinks that religion is being shoved down their kid's throats. I'm on the third side, saying this is all a waste of energy by value-signaling by politicians.

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