There is something so special and comforting about a classic American breakfast. So much so, that it is a delicious meal to enjoy no matter the time of day.  

My go-to breakfast order recently has typically been pancakes, eggs over medium, and either hashbrowns or fresh fruit. I also love a good omelet every now and then. Of course, I can always make this meal at home, but going out to get a big plate of breakfast food is so amazing.  

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Whether you are looking for some fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, or gooey eggs, there are so many great spots around Lubbock to get your breakfast fix. Some locations have limited hours, while others are open all day, and even into the night. However, the one thing all of these restaurants have in common is that you can always order breakfast there. 

Keep scrolling to see 13 different restaurants in Lubbock that always serve breakfast.  

13 Restaurants in Lubbock That Always Serve Breakfast

For those times you are craving breakfast food and it's past 11, here are some places in Lubbock that always serve breakfast.

Hopefully your go-to place made the list. If not, send us a message on Facebook if we missed your favorite breakfast spot. We love hearing from you and also love supporting local businesses.

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