I’m the type of person that often likes to stick with what I know, but also enjoys trying new things. While I might frequently order the same thing from my favorite restaurant, I’m always open to trying new places or types of cuisine.

If this sounds like you, or you are an all-around adventurous person that loves trying new things, I have something for you that might pique your interest.

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While much of the internet has been obsessed with charcuterie boards and butter boards, another great snack or meal option that many people enjoy has been hiding in a niche section of TikTok. Tinned-Fish-Tok is a place where people share their love for tinned-fish and the variety of ways to enjoy it.

Until stumbling across this part of TikTok, I always thought of tinned-fish just as tuna or sardines. Simple, easy to add to different recipes, and found in every grocery store. Little did I know, there is a huge industry around tinned fish with a massive variety of options.

Whatever seafood you enjoy, salmon, mackerel, clams, and so on, can be found in a tin. They come in a variety of oils and sauces from all over the world, and there are so many different ways to enjoy it.

I will say, I was the type to be a little spooked by tinned-fish at first, but seeing the way people enjoy all of these different types of fish has me wanting to try it. Don’t believe me? Check out this TikToker trying a few different tins and letting you know the best ways to enjoy them.

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