To get spring started off the right way, the Lubbock Animal shelter is offering a special deal for potential adopters and current pet owners.

LAS is always adding new specials each month from free adoptions, free microchips, spay and neuter vouchers, and more. Sometimes they come in the form of one-day events, and other times they last all month long.

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Well, to celebrate spring, encourage more adoptions, and help current pet owners be more responsible with their animals.

They are doing so by offering free adoptions for the month of April, along with free microchips for Lubbock residents who’s pet currently does not have one.

The appeal of microchipping your pet is to make it easier to get them back home if they happen to get out. The chip can be scanned, your information will appear on it, and your pet can be safely returned home.

Sure, a tag can also hold that information, but a tag can always fall off, the information can wear off over time, or maybe your pet can’t wear a collar for some reason. That is why chips are so useful.

The Lubbock Animal Shelter has a large variety of dogs and cats available for adoption. Sometimes even small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits.

Whether you are looking for a puppy or adult dog, kitten or senior cat, and everything in between, they have many great animals that you can add to your family.

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