Whole Foods is introducing an innovation that could change the way you buy things forever.

Whole Foods is introducing technology that will allow you to pay for your groceries by paying with the palm of their hand. The technology is actually driven by Amazon and is now being implemented in Whole Foods stores.

I fully expect to hear the conspiracy theorists go into full meltdown over this one, and we have more than a few of those types here in the Hub City. We already have people around here who are convinced that self-checkout is some type of plot to make them "work" for the store. There are also those who don't realize that the credit card companies, phone companies, and yes, the government, already have most, if not all of this information on you already.

I actually love the idea. Less stuff in my pocket is good, and less stuff to forget is even better. You'll be able to pick up what you need and you're certainly not going to leave your hand at home. I'm actually looking forward to the day when plastic cards go the way of checks and money orders. It just seems ridiculous to even take the risk of someone figuring out your credit card or bank account numbers and robbing you blind, when you can I.D. yourself, just by being yourself.

You're welcome to get in that line that's full checkout and credit cards, I'll take the one that saves me time and protects my bank account.

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