One of the many important parts of being a responsible dog owner is cleaning up after them. This especially applies to cleaning up after them if they go potty in any public area including parks, sidewalks, or your neighbor’s yard.

While this seems like common sense, and you’d think every dog owner would carry poop bags with them for this exact reason, many people are simply inconsiderate. This leads to angry neighbors with someone else’s dog poop in their yard. It also makes every dog owner look bad because people assume they won’t pick up after their pet.

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You see it all over the place, on social media, when talking with your neighbors, and even via signs put up in some people’s yards. Most people are fed up and only think about those that are irresponsible. But what about those that always pick up after their dog?

If you are like me and make a point of always cleaning up after your dog, it sucks to always hear people talking bad about dog owners and assuming we all leave our dog’s poop everywhere. Thankfully, I saw some people recently show a little love to those of us that actually are responsible.

A post was made in my neighborhood Facebook group thanking those that always clean up after their pets. They recognized the negativity that had been circulating and wanted to shed a light on those of us that are actually doing the right thing.

I personally think picking up your dog’s poop is really the bare minimum as a responsible pet owner, but it is still nice to know that our effort is appreciated.

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