A lot of bad ideas converge on October 4th.

You really have to work hard to believe conspiracy theories. It's been said that people dive into conspiracy theories to feel smart and more knowledgeable than those around them, but most fail miserably. Most conspiracy theories are actually a huge leapfrog over a pond of logic.

So here's the latest. On October 4th FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) will team with the FCC (the Federal Communications Commission) to test out their emergency management messaging system on all smartphones, TV, and radio. Instead of thinking of this being a giant Amber Alert, some are joining Ozzy Osbourne aboard the crazy train.

So here's the latest conspiracy theory in a nutshell: your vaccine contained graphene, and when this alert is broadcast through the new 5G towers it will "activate" that graphene, much like "metal in a microwave". They can then use these nanoparticles to control and monitor people. 

Whoa, that's a whole lot, right? Some of the Theorists even claim that everyone needs to do a "metal cleanse", whatever that is.  I still don't understand why any conspiracy theory includes something that would mean the government has fewer tax-paying citizens. It also seems like if the government really wanted to control you, they'd just put some ideas into your information bubble on social media (or is that just another conspiracy theory?).

The really frustrating thing about conspiracy theorists is how they bounce from whack idea to whack idea, never really stopping to think, "Maybe everything is just what it is?", instead they just keep secretly hoping they'll be proven correct at some point so they can get that dopamine-hit of saying, "I told you so".

The joint FEMA/FCC test will be on October 4th from 2:20 to 2:50 p.m. Eastern Time. At that point you'll get one of those "This is a Test, this is only a test" type messages, and then you'll probably not explode.

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